ZSRS Alumni Articles

Here is an assortment of published writings from Ziegler ordained rabbis (in no particular order).  Will be updated often… just getting started compiling these.


Rabbi Michael Knopf (Har Zion, Philadelphia)

On the Age of Rabbis

On Jewish Observance

On Batman and Tragedy


Rabbi Rachel Kobrin (Congregation Agudas Achim, Austin)

On Birth and the Omer

On Judaism and the Environment


Rabbi Elianna Yolkut  (www.rabbielianna.com)

On Pre-Marital Sex

On Jewish Continuity

On Pharoahs and Israel


Rabbi Adam Greenwald 

On Revitalizing Shabbat

On Jews-By-Choice After Mikvah


Rabbi Daniel Greyber  (http://www.betheldurham.org/rabbi/)

On Israel and the Diaspora

On Rain and Revolution in the Middle East


Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg (http://danyaruttenberg.net/)

On Feminism

On Kiddushin (Jewish Marriage)


Rabbi Amitai Adler

On Rational and A-Rational Judaism

On Consumerism


Rabbi Robyn Fryer Bodzin (Israel Center for CJ, Flushing)

On the Modern Jewish Family

On Elijah the Prophet

On Jews and Domestic Violence


Rabbi Ilana Grinblat  (www.rabbigrinblat.com/)

On Parenting and Gifts

On Unexpected Miracles


Rabbi Mark Borovitz (theholythief.wordpress.com/)

On the Tragedy of the Enslaver


Rabbi Scott Perlo

Young Rabbis Love Israel

The Vanishing American Religious Male

On Female Rabbis


Rabbi Wil Berkovitz

The Graduation Speech I Wish I Could Give

On God, Life, and Spiritual Practice


Rabbi Jacob Fine

On Responsibility for God’s Earth

On Refugee Awareness


Rabbi Alana Suskin

On Religion and Secular Ethics

On Menstruation and “Family Purity” (Taharat Ha-Mishpacha)


Rabbi Marc Soloway

On Ethical Eating



Rabbi Aaron Alexander

On Israel and American Politics

Reflections from the CJLS (Law Committee)

On Desecrating God’s Name


Rabbi Paul Steinberg

On Chabad and Conservative Judaism

On a Hebrew School Education

On the Value of Jewish Education


Rabbi Justin Goldstein

On the Modern Synagogue

On Judgement and Humility











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