All Things Purim – A Comprehensive Resource Page (A Work in Progress)

Below you’ll find everything you need to prepare spiritually, technically, and intellectually for the holiday of Purim.  Hag purim Sameah!


Intro Article on Purim Themes from the Walking With Series, with texts:  (PDF)


Purim Resources from the Rabbinical Assembly:


Purim Resources from The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism:


Hassidic Lessons for Purim from Reb Mimi Feigelson:

a) How Do You Know You Are Truly Happy?    (audio)

b) What If I Don’t Feel Happy on Purim?   (audio)


– The Laws of Purim and Selected Halakhic Topics:

a) The Most Important Ritual Mitzvah of the Year:   (audio)

b) The Laws of Purim:   (audio)

c) Source Sheet on Drinking, Drunkenness and Purim:   (PDF)

d) Translated Medieval Ruling on Conflicting Sacred Texts (Torah and Megillah):

d) Translated Medieval Legal Ruling on the Festive Purim Meal:

e) Rabbi Isaac Klein on the Laws of Purim:   (PDF)

e) Purim in ‘The Observant Life’

f) Rabbi Brad Artson on Purim and Drinking:  (PDF)

g) Rabbi Aaron Alexander on competing obligation and sacred scrolls:  (audio)


– Articles and Divrei Torah:

a) Reb Mimi Feigelson on ‘Remembering and Forgetting – Zakhor:

b) Rabbi Cheryl Peretz, ‘Present in the Absence’:

c) Dr. Gail Labovitz on Shabbat Zakhor and Paradox:

d) Dr. Raymond Scheindlin on Purim:

e) Rabbi Mordechai Levin on Purim:

d) Rachel Gurevitz on Purim and the True Self: Here


– Purim Resources from Machon Hadar:


– Megillat Esther Trope:


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