All Things Purim – A Comprehensive Resource Page (A Work in Progress)

Below you’ll find everything you need to prepare spiritually, technically, and intellectually for the holiday of Purim.  Hag purim Sameah!


- Intro Article on Purim Themes from the Walking With Series, with texts:

-  (PDF)


- Purim Resources from the Rabbinical Assembly:



-Purim Resources from The United Synagogue of Conservative Judaism:



- Hassidic Lessons for Purim from Reb Mimi Feigelson:

a) How Do You Know You Are Truly Happy?    (audio)

b) What If I Don’t Feel Happy on Purim?   (audio)


- The Laws of Purim and Selected Halakhic Topics:

a) The Most Important Ritual Mitzvah of the Year:   (audio)

b) The Laws of Purim:   (audio)

c) Source Sheet on Drinking, Drunkenness and Purim:   (PDF)

d) Translated Medieval Ruling on Conflicting Sacred Texts (Torah and Megillah):

d) Translated Medieval Legal Ruling on the Festive Purim Meal:

e) Rabbi Isaac Klein on the Laws of Purim:   (PDF)

e) Purim in ‘The Observant Life’

f) Rabbi Brad Artson on Purim and Drinking:  (PDF)

g) Rabbi Aaron Alexander on competing obligation and sacred scrolls:  (audio)


- Articles and Divrei Torah:

a) Reb Mimi Feigelson on ‘Remembering and Forgetting – Zakhor:

b) Rabbi Cheryl Peretz, ‘Present in the Absence’:

c) Dr. Gail Labovitz on Shabbat Zakhor and Paradox:

d) Dr. Raymond Scheindlin on Purim:

e) Rabbi Mordechai Levin on Purim:

d) Rachel Gurevitz on Purim and the True Self: Here


- Purim Resources from Machon Hadar:



- Megillat Esther Trope:



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