Sukkot Resources – 5774

Welcome to our newest resource page.  You’ll find a vast assortment of materials and inspiration to help you prepare for Sukkot. Enjoy!  (In process…)


Articles and Derashot

Introduction to Sukkot’s major themes with texts for study – Rabbi Jeffrey Rubenstein

On the Sukkah, the Cosmos, and Love – Rabbi Brad Artson

On Sukkot, Guests, and Happiness – Rabbi Cheryl Peretz

On Sukkot, Shelter, and Clouds of Glory – Reb Mimi Feigelson

On God’s Prayer and the Sukkah – Dr. Gail Labovitz

On the Emotional Space of the Sukkah – Rabbi Aaron Alexander

On the Lulav and Etrog – Rabbi Brad Artson

On Sukkot and Embodied Spirituality – Rabbi Brad Artson

On Sukkot, Joy, and Fun – Rabbi Brad Artson

On the Sukkot as Shelter for Vulnerable – Rabbi Will Berkovitz

On Sukkot and Love – Rabbi David Wolpe


Audio/Video Classes

10 short classes on the Laws of Sukkot and FAQs – Rabbi Aaron Alexander

The Sacred Architecture of the Sukkah – Dr. Aryeh Cohen


Traditional Source Sheets

– Sukkah as a Jewish DisneyLand, here.

– Torah/Mishnah Sources on Sukkah Building, here.

– Pictures of Mishnah Passages on Sukkah Building, here.

– On ‘Welcoming Guests’, a core theme of Sukkot, here.

– Sources from, here.


What Else is Out There?

– Resources from My Jewish Learning, here.

– Resources from The Rabbinical Assembly, here.

– Resources from the Conservative Yeshiva, here.

– Resources from JTSA, here.

– Resources from the Lookstein Center, here.

– Resources from AJWS, here.

– Resources from the URJ, here.

– Resources from Jewish Women International, here.





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