Hanukkah Resource Page

Enjoy this collection of materials on Hanukkah!  Miracles await us….


Writings on Hanukkah:

Intro to Hanukkah with texts from Rabbi Jack Moline, here.

– Family Guide to Hanukkah from Dr. Ron Wolfson, here.

Shining the Light of Hanukkah from Rabbi Cheryl Peretz, here.

A Single Flame, A Deep Light from Rabbi Aaron Alexander, here.

8 Kavanot for 8 Nights from Rabbi Aaron Alexander, here.

A Hanukkah Gift from Rabbi Gail Labovitz, here.

The Source of Light from Reb Mimi Feigelson, here.

Between Shabbat and Hanukkah from Dr. Aryeh Cohen, here.

Hanukkah When the War is Over from Rabbi Brad Artson, here.

The December Dilemma from Dr. Ron Wolfson, here.

Kavanot from Rabbi Sharon Brous, here.

Hanukkah and Searching for Miracles from Rabbi Aaron Alexander, here.

Reinventing Hanukkah from Noam Zion, here.

On Thanksgivukkah and Gratitude from Rabbi Mish Zion, here.

On Hanukkah and Faith from Rabbi Elianna Yolkut, here.

On Hanukkah and Christmas from Rabbi Brad Artson, here.

On Hanukkah and Spiritual Practice from Rabbi Shai Held, here.

On Hanukah and Miracles from Rabbi Laura Geller, here.

On Darkness and Light from Rabbi Cheryl Peretz, here.



– Hanukkah Tish with Reb Mimi Feigelson, here.

Laws of Hanukkah Podcast with Rabbi Aaron Alexander, here.

***Blessings for Hanukkah Candles, here.

Re-imagining Space, Place and Humanity from Rabbi Aaron Alexander, here.

Rabbi Irwin Kula on Hanukkah, here.

Jews, Trees, and the December Headache from Rabbi Ed Feinstein and Rabbi Adam Greenwald, here.

The Hanuakkah blessings from Hazzan Amy Robinson, here.


Source Sheets:

– Some Essential Talmudic Texts, here.  (RAA)

– On God and Rabbinic Commandments, here.   (RAA)

– On the Essence of Light, here.   (RAA)

– On Miracles, here. (RCP)

– Texts from Rabbi Ethan Tucker, here.


Spanish-Language Resources: (Thanks, Rabbi Juan Mejia!)

– Hilkhoth Chanukkah from the Mishne Torah (bilingual Spanish/Hebrew), here.

– Sheets with fully transliterated and translated: Seder Hadlakat Nerot and Hallel, here.

– Video in Spanish about hilkhoth Chanukkah, here.

– Video in Spanish about the Hallel, here.


Resources from around the web:

– Resources from the Rabbinical Assembly, here.

– Resources from the Conservative Yeshiva, here.

– Resources from The USCJ, here.

– Resources from JTS, here.

– Resources from The Jewish Agency for Israel, here.

– Resources from My Jewish Learning, here.

– Resources from the JFNA, here.

– Resources from Hazon, here.

– Resources from Reform Judaism, here.

– Resources from T’ruah, here.

– Intro to Hanukkah from Tablet, here.

– Educational Materials from Moreh-Madrichim, here.



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