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Here are some great resources to help you prepare for Purim. Enjoy!

Articles and Divrei Torah

MEGILLAT ESTHER, HISTORICAL ACCOUNT OR DIASPORA PARODY? from Rabbis Joanna Samuels and Rebecca Rosenthal  (from the ZSRS Walking With series – www.walkingwith.org)

On Purim, Paradox and Parashat Zakhor from Dr. Gail Labovitz

On Purim and the Presence/Absence of God from Rabbi Cheryl Peretz

On Remembering, Forgetting, and Parashat Zakhor from Reb Mimi Feigelson

On Purim, Violence, and Darkness from Dr. Aryeh Cohen

On Purim and Blotting Out Memory from Rabbi Laura Geller

On Four Purim Practices from Rabbi Brad Hirschfield

On Purim, Women and Violence from Rabbi Yosef Goldman

On Purim and Yom Kippur from Rabbi Sharon Brous

On Purim and Giving to the Poor from Rabbi Sharon Brous

On Purim and Joy from Rabbi Yosef Kanefsky

On Purim and Humor from Rabbi Richie Lewis (audio)

Short Purim Kavanot from Rabbi Mike Knopf

Purim: Inside Out from Rabbi Steve Greenberg

Purim and Hidden Foods from Rabbi Ruth Abusch-Magder 

The Dark Side of Purim from Dr. Shaul Magid

An All-Encompassing Guide To Purim, Including Megillat Esther from Rabbi Shalom Kantor

On Parashat Zakhor and Jewish Memory from Dr. Yehuda Kurtzer


Laws of Purim (Audio)

–  The Legal Weight(iness) of the Megillah Reading from Rabbi Aaron Alexander (audio)

Multiple Megillah Reader at Once from Rabbi Aaron Alexander (audio)

Prioritizing the Megillah or Parashat Zakhor from Rabbi Aaron Alexander (audio)

Overview of the Laws of Purim from Rabbi Aaron Alexander (audio)

Can I send Skinny Jeans to a friend for Mishloah Manotfrom Rabbi Aaron Alexander (audio)

Can I read from a incomplete/incorrect Megillah Scroll? From Rabbi Aaron Alexander (audio)

Is All Melakhah Permitted on Purim? Can I crochet?  From Rabbi Aaron Alexander (audio)


Laws of Purim (Written/Texts)

– Rabbi Isaac Klein on the Laws of Purim, here.

– Purim in ‘The Observant Life’, here.

– Rabbi Brad Artson on Purim and Drinking, here.

Source Sheet on Drinking, Drunkenness and Purim, here.

– Medieval Ruling on the timing of the Purim Meal, here.  (Thanks, Jeremy Markiz!)


Hassidic Lessons for Purim from Reb Mimi Feigelson

How Do You Know You Are Truly Happy? Here.   (audio)

– What If I Don’t Feel Happy on Purim? Here.   (audio)


Purim E-Shiurim & Videos from the Conservative Yeshiva (and Sinai Temple)

Purim: Esther and Joseph – Two Models of Exilic Jews from Vered Hollander-Goldfarb

The Jewish Calendar: As Early and Late as it Gets from Rabbi Daniel Goldfarb

Purim and Assimilation from Rabbi Joel Levy

Hallel and Miracles from Rabbi Joel Levy and Nolan Lebovitz (video)

Mordechai and the Maccabees from Vered Hollander-Goldfarb and Nolan Lebovitz (video)

The Fourfold Song from Dr. Shaiya Rothberg and Nolan Lebovitz (video)


– Megillat Esther Trope:


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