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AJU Classroom Candids

Q&A February 2018

Join Rabbi Artson and the students of the Ziegler School in a lively, unscripted conversation about reading the Megillah in… Read More


Q&A January 2018

Join with the Ziegler students as Rabbi Artson fields questions ranging from voting on Rosh HaShanah, the possibilities of asceticism… Read More


The Bible is a Horrible Book (Unless You Learn to Read it Right!)

Read literally, the Bible can be a terrible book: a bullying patriarchal God who justifies slavery, rape, the marginalization of… Read More

Sefirot Chart

Kabbalah & the Big Bang

Rabbi Artson opens worlds of science and Kabbalah (Jewish mysticism), narrating the dramatic story of the birth of our cosmos… Read More

L&L Sukkot 2017

October Q&A

In October’s Q&A, Rabbi Artson responds to issues of sexual harassment and the #MeToo campaign, how to create accountable institutions,… Read More


Should A Rabbi Discuss Politics from the Pulpit? An Artson/Wolpe Dialogue

Join Rabbi Bradley Artson and Rabbi David Wolpe for a lively conversation about whether (and when) a rabbi should discuss… Read More

Havdalah Yom Kippur

Made of Memory: A Yom Kippur/Yizkor Sermon

Rabbi Artson preaches that we are not isolated individuals, but rather are knitted together by our memories, which we retain… Read More

Kol Nidrei Hug

Bare Before God: A Kol Nidrei Sermon

Listen to Rabbi Artson’s stirring Kol Nidrei reminder of who we are in our core. On Yom Kippur, we strip… Read More


Unity, Modesty, Grandeur: King Solomon’s Prayer

At the climax of a week-long dedication of the Holy Temple in Jerusalem almost 3,000 years ago, King Solomon speaks… Read More


Joy is Hard Work (Ordination 2017)

In a “culture of kvetch,” how do we lift ourselves to a life of real joy? Rabbi Artson charges us… Read More

Jerusalem Morning

Prayer: Service of the Heart

Rabbi Artson discusses some traditional sources on how prayer can unlock the heart, connect us to God and each other,… Read More


Drawing Near: Leviticus — Intimacy in Relationship!

Rabbi Artson gave this Sermon on Leviticus at B’nai Jeshurun, the trail blazing congregation in New York City’s Upper West… Read More

Dad's Seder Plate

Passover: Five Facets of Freedom

Join Rabbi Artson and the students of the Ziegler School in a Passover Lunch & Learn about Freedom: (1) Freedom… Read More

Rabbi Artson Speaking

Hadesh Yamenu! Renewing Our Days! Seeking Renewal & Offering Healing

What does it mean to  renew? How is that connected with our renewing ourselves: as individuals, as Jews, as human… Read More

Rabbi Artson II

Lunch & Learn: Our Torah Can Revive God!

Let’s examine some Talmud and Midrashim (rabbinic Bible commentary) that show that God learns from human insight, that our taking… Read More

Rabbi Artson I

Q&A February 2017

Listen in as the Rabbinical Students explore appropriate political engagement, how to mobilize Jewish wisdom for social justice, and other… Read More

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