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Brad Artson Ziegler 20th

November Q and A

Are you looking to process your thoughts and feelings about yesterday’s election in a nuanced and seriously religious way?  Then… Read More

Brad Artson Ziegler 20th

September Q & A with Rabbi Artson

Join our Ziegler students for this semester’s first open mic Q & A session with our Dean, Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson…. Read More


March Q & A with Rabbi Artson

Listen in to this latest podcast from Ziegler Torah to hear what’s on the minds of our Ziegler students, and our… Read More


February Q & A with Rabbi Artson

Join our Ziegler School rabbinical students in sunny Bel Air, CA for this month’s open mic Q and A session with Rabbi… Read More


November Q & A with Rabbi Artson

Join us at the Ziegler School on a rare overcast Los Angeles day as our dean, Rabbi Brad Artson, answers… Read More


October 2015 Q & A with Rabbi Brad Artson

Topics: Biblical Criticism and its utility for the religious reader of Holy texts, Jewish clergy in interfaith relationships, Judaism and… Read More


March 2015 Q & A with Rabbi Brad Artson

Topics: Easy and difficult mitzvot, individual rabbinic education and growth, Netanyahu and two-state solution, BDS, Rabbinic families, Communication, transparency, and… Read More


February 2015 Q & A with Rabbi Artson

Topics: Vaccine Issue and Jewish Institutions, Rabbinic Searches, What can we learn from other movements, Value of Torah Lishmah, Creating… Read More


Q & A w/ Rabbi Artson – November 2014

Topics: Responses to murders in Har Nof, Roots of Anti-Semitism, Being a Light to the Nations, Gratitude, Experiencing fully the… Read More


October 2014 Q & A with Rabbi Artson

Rabbi Artson addresses: a) how should a rabbi behave? 2) rabbi/friend boundaries  3) rabbinic authority 4) living with conviction amongst… Read More


October 2014 Q & A with Rabbi Brad Artson (New!)

Rabbi Artson talks about rabbis and social media, rabbis and taking stands on contentious issues, climate change and science/religion, the… Read More


New Q & A from Rabbi Brad Artson! (September 2014)

Rabbi Artson answers a wide range of questions from the Ziegler School community.  (Making space for God in communal prayer,… Read More


Q & A with Rabbi Brad Artson (April 29, 2014)

Topics: Donald Sterling, Public Recognition for the Ethically Challenged, Are Private Lives Subject to Public Scrutiny, What Does An Ideal… Read More


February 2014 Q & A with Rabbi Artson!

Topics include: Idolatry, Difficult Biblical Passages, Olympics and Human Rights, Day School /Summer Camp, Ranking Rabbis and more…. http://media.blubrry.com/ziegler_torah/p/www.zieglertorah.org/wp-content/uploads/user_uploads/aalexander/Q_A_Feb_2014.m4aPodcast: Play… Read More


November Q & A (2013) with Rabbi Brad Artson – Great questions, great answers!

Thanksgivukkah, Modern Idolatry, Questions for Obama, Multi-faith Families, Competition in Religious life and academics, and Pluralism and Tolerance (re: Rabbi… Read More


October Q & A with Rabbi Brad Artson

Great topics: a) Israel and Prisoner Exchanges, b) What Text Would You Put Above Your Ark? c) Does Esav Get… Read More

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